babybug babybug babybug babybug babybee
Baby Bugs is a development programme for
mothers and babies from 3 months - 2 years
juggle juggle juggle juggle juggle juggle
Juggle Bugs is a play programme that offers children 2 - 6 years a series
of activities devoted to their physical, emotional and social development.
toadaly toadaly toadaly toadaly
Toadaly Kids is a physical education & development programme for
6 - 9 year olds, filled with creativity and motivated by high energy coaches.


Playinc every child has equal opportunity, is treated with compassion and according to their individual needs.

Our mission is to create a safe, creative and fun environment where children can play , learn and develop in totality.

Playinc strives to make a well balanced programme available to children from all walks of life, at an affordable price; so that every child has an opportunity to our learning experience and a sense of belonging.
The Buzz
Whats Happening at Play Inc.

Physical, cognitive, social and emotional development is integral in the early years of every child's life and skills your child master in these early years have an indispensable effect on their development, it also serves as a foundation for further learning and academic achievement.

Playinc offers 3 programmes for children:

  • Babybugs 3months - 2years

  • Jugglebugs 2-6 years

  • Toadaly Kids7-9 years

  • These programmes offer your child the opportunity to be exposed to learning through play. We make use of a range of unique equipment to capture children's interest and an outcome based curriculum to ensure optimum development.
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