babybug babybug
"At Playinc a child's inability will never keep us
from helping a child reach their full potential"
"It's the smallest people that occupies
the BIGGEST part of our heart"
"Mostly we are tough but your child
will always feel loved"
babybug babybug
"To TEACH is to TOUCH a life forever"
"Prepare the child for the path,
NOT the path for the child"

What People say about Play Inc.

"An innovative and stimulating programme that develops the child both holistically and physically. Children absolutely love it!' - Sugra, Montessori Teacher

"Jugglebugs is more than just development play , every child is inspired and gets an opportunity to be creative in front of the group which enhances their social skills and boost self confidence." - Maria, Parent

"Playinc has had a tremendous impact on my child's development. They have compassion for Leane's learning disability and are always willing to accommodate her in any way possible." - Dalize, Parent
PLAY INC  was created by Anke Varkevisser, who has always had an overwhelming passion for children and their well being. Anke has a great interest in neuro-development, alternative learning methods and all studies regarding child development. She spends a great deal of her time researching and keeping up with the latest breakthroughs in early childhood development.

In  2011 after doing a ECD practical she realised how many children have learning difficulties - But more importantly how so many of these learning difficulties can be overcome by early intervention, attention and compassion.  She also realised that children today have more academic stress and pressure to excel - but when do they get to PLAY? So she created a development play programme where children learn and develop skills through playing -  JuggleBugs: a programme for 2-6 year olds was born.

Having had great outcome and success with Jugglebugs, parents felt the need for a programme for younger siblings, so we launched BABYBUGS a stimulation programme for 3month – 2year olds.

After 3 years and retaining so many of our current Children we are launching TOADALY KIDS which caters for kids 7-9 year olds in 2014.

All programmes focus on developing the child in totality – therefore catering for social, emotional, physical and cognitive development.

PLAY INC we pride ourselves in our commitment and passion towards children and have staff who shares this mission. Being actively involved in the education sector and children’s market we also started a fun holiday programme which runs in conjunction with national school holidays and party services: Face painting & party entertainment called Doodlebugs.