Baby Bugs

Baby Bugs is a development programme for 3 months-2 years old. Mothers and Babies participate in these 40min classes, bonding with their child while they develop. Activities are designed to gently stimulate the baby's learning skills with the use of unique equipment, inventive activities and in an environment where children can flourish.

Classes will indulge the child's curiosity and offer creative ways to practice emerging skills through fun-filled exploration, songs, movement and cognitive activities. Games are structured to include opportunity to learn cause and effect, perceptual skills and sensory awareness. Because the programme is outcome based and we focus on milestones - classes are available in the following age groups:

Teeny Tiny Bugs 3 - 7 months
Crawlies 8 - 12 months
Little Bugs 12 - 18 months
Busy Bugs 18 - 24 month

Baby Massage also forms part of the Teeny Tiny Bugs and Crawlies curriculum which supports the bonding process with your little one. Baby massage have many benefits which includes improved blood circulation, digestive and sleeping pattern. Furthermore it enhances muscle tone and facilitates sensory stimulation and integration.
The Buzz
Additional Classes

Playinc now offers an option to attend additional classes. Whether your child has a learning disability, reading or language barriers or just needs extra stimulation – we can cater for your childs individual needs.

Please contact us for more information.