Toadaly Kids

Toadaly Kids is Physical Education and development programme for 6-9 year olds, filled with creativity and motivated by high energy coaches. Classes are presented at the school and our play studio in small groups of 8-12 children. Activities are presented by grade and outcome based. Our innovative curriculum and child-centered teaching methods are just what your child needs to learn and develop in totality.

Because we focus on the child in totality, we integrate activities which accommodate the child's physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. These classes are there to help your child achieve the developmental milestones that are an integral part of their personal growth, academic achievements and physical health. Toadaly Kids builds strong fundamental physical skills, teaches teamwork and cooperation, and promote confidence-all in our atmosphere where kids are successful ad learning is fun.

Our classes include fitness, movement activities, exposure to sports and ball skills as well as other critical development areas for children in this age group. We focus on motor skills, strength and coordination, reasoning and cognitive skills. Toadaly Kids promotes life skills, self regulation and teamwork-children are taught to be task driven and to harness concentration skills. Through play and fun filled activities the children engage in learning without even knowing it and develop the feeling of self worth and motivation. Toadaly Kids is a comprehensive growth programme for foundation phase learners and is totally fun!
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Additional Classes

Playinc now offers an option to attend additional classes. Whether your child has a learning disability, reading or language barriers or just needs extra stimulation – we can cater for your childs individual needs.

Please contact us for more information.